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Kris King, Attorney at Law
Kris King, Attorney at Law
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Kris King, Attorney at Law. a Longview, Texas law firm with a concentration in Family and Divorce Law
Serving clients located throughout East Texas cities including
Longview • Kilgore • Marshall • Tyler • Henderson • Gilmer • Jefferson • Carthage • Pittsburg • Daingerfield • Mount Pleasant • Linden

422 N. Center Street, Longview, Texas 75601
Telephone: 903.757.3331 • Facsimile: 903.753.8289
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Reasonable Fees
We utilize our considerable skills to achieve reasonable resolutions to difficult situations. When negotiation and settlement can yield beneficial results, we take that approach. Other circumstances may require litigation. Either way, we seek the best results for you.

We handle a wide array of family law matters to include divorce, property, matters involving children including visitation, custody, support, parental relocation, step-parent or grandparent adoptions, modifications and enforcement of these matters. We also handle Wills, Probate, and Personal Injury.

Your case is important. We are committed to helping you and protecting you, your children, and your interests. We will help you achieve peace of mind at a difficult time and a reasonable resolution to your case.

We care about the problems our clients face. We understand that family law matters are personal, important and often emotional. We listen to our clients as they relate their needs and goals. By understanding your situation, we can better achieve a reasonable resolution to your case. We will take the time to listen, the time to answer your questions, the time to help.

We have the skills needed to help you reach a reasonable outcome for your case.

Kris King has handled many hundreds of family law and other cases. He is a skillful, hard working, problem-solving attorney. Although he has handled many trials involving divorce, property division, visitation, child support, and child custody, he knows that clients are often better served emotionally and financially if their case can be resolved without a trial, so he takes a balanced approach and seeks to resolve disputes amicably if possible.

Kris King, Attorney at Law, provides services for clients in Gregg, Harrison, Upshur, Rusk, Panola, Smith, Marion, Camp and Titus Counties, including the cities of Longview, Kilgore, Marshall, Tyler, Henderson, Gilmer, Jefferson, Carthage, Pittsburg, Daingerfield, Mount Pleasant and Linden.
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Family Law

• Divorce

• Property Division

• Child Custody and Visitation

• Child Support

• Modifications and Enforcement

• Step Parent and Grandparent Adoptions

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