Divorce ends a legal relationship, a personal relationship, a financial relationship, and often a family relationship. We will walk you through your divorce and will explain all of your options.

Property Division
We will help you secure your right to a fair share of the property.

Child Custody
Child custody disputes are often the most dificult situations you ever face. We will help you secure a custody solution in your chidren's best interest.

Child Visitation
We will help insure you and your children get a visitation schedule that is in their best interest.

Child Support
We will help you secure child support that is fair.

Enforcement of Judgments and Court Orders
If the other party has failed to comply with court orders, we will help you enforce them.

Modification of Judgments and Court Orders
We will help you with changes of visitation, support and child custody.

Premarital / Marital Agreements
We can prepare pre and post-marital agreements for you.

Grandparents' Rights
We will help you get visitation rights with your grandchildren.

We will help you with step parent or grandparent adoptions.
Family Law
Assistance with Medicaid Estate Planning, Drafting Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, and Probate of Estates.
Estate Planning & Administration
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422 N. Center Street, Longview, Texas 75601
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